Our Math:

Flexible Funding
+ Proven Advice
+ Operational Support

= More Possibilities

Whether growing or winding down,  we can offer companies options that banks and turnaround managers can’t. Learn more about just a few of them below.

Business Services

Not a liquidator, not a bank:  A partner and guide through transition

Complete Plant Acquisitions

Traditional lenders have limitations. They lack the flexibility and industry-specific knowledge that Wolf Industrial Advisors can provide. Whereas banks can only lend based on certain asset types, WIA can look at an operating plant as a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Our first goal is always to locate a buyer to operate it in place, potentially salvaging not only your investment, but wasted inventory and your employees’ jobs.

Sale Leasebacks

You’ve invested a lot in your machinery, but you need operating capital now. How can you maintain the necessary productivity to support your workflow without sacrificing resources? Wolf Industrial Advisors can make a cash offer for your assets and lease them back to your company so that you can maintain operations uninterrupted, while pursuing other initiatives with cash in hand.


Unpaid invoices from your customers can have a huge negative impact on your balance sheet. Gain instant security by allowing WIA to step in and purchase all or a portion of those receivables so we can deal with the costly process of collection. With our internal capabilities and strategic partnerships, we can provide relief from this burden on your books.


Storing slow-moving inventory can be costly – taking up space that could be better utilized for increased manufacturing or newer product. WIA’s relationships throughout many industries can help get that inventory moving. We can offer professional valuation and purchase the inventory right off your shelves.


Wolf Industrial Advisors can provide an immediate influx of cash for your organization by purchasing your assets outright based on our credentialed evaluation. No matter the type of asset – machinery, real estate, receivables, inventory, even intellectual property – WIA can pay up front to provide capital and free up resources so you can move forward with your next phase.

Liquidation & Auction Sales

Wolf Industrial Advisors’ staff is comprised of people who created innovative auction technologies that lead the industry to this day. An auction can often provide the most lucrative exit from a business, drawing buyers of all assets types and creating an exciting environment that drives up purchase prices. WIA has unique expertise in this area. We can make all the arrangements and draw the right audience who are willing to pay top dollar for your assets.

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