What We Do

We’re often asked, “So what exactly do you do?” The simple answer is: We help companies recover value from their assets. But traditional loans or auctions are not our only methods.

We’re not a bank – which will either require you to keep taking out loans at exorbitant rates or tell you they don’t need your business anymore.

We’re not a liquidator – which will rush to auction without investigating other possibilities.

We ARE a partner – positioned to provide better expertise than a turnaround firm, and more flexible funding scenarios than a bank.

What sets Wolf Industrial Advisors apart is our complete menu of services, which includes acting as a source of both funding and strong operational experience. When you engage WIA, you gain a strong advocate for your business. We invest in your success. Our flexible financing and advisory services offer a company the ability to recover. And we are not limited by the common restraints that a bank imposes on its loans.

For example: Perhaps you ran a privately-owned successful business or ESOP. You invested in your operations and your staff, maybe took out a bank loan to accelerate growth, got an appraisal, thought about retiring…

Then…. The pandemic hits. You lose essential customers. Your income drops by half, maybe more. Equity in your business is quickly disappearing as assets lose value. The stimulus package and moratorium on rent or mortgage may have helped, but you still need cash to remain in operation.

It’s an unfortunately common story: businesses are struggling – especially in these unprecedented times. Guidance from professionals with experience handling business challenges is essential right now.  

In today’s world, the bank isn’t always your friend, and liquidation is not your only option. Wolf Industrial Advisors can provide alternate financing and get the bank off your back.

Our first goal, whenever possible, is to find a buyer who would purchase your operation in its entirety: fulfilling customer orders, retaining your work staff, and taking the hassles off your hands. Our management, marketing and sales experience affords us the confidence to purchase your company as a whole entity and help it to thrive as a nurtured business.

We can also deal with each asset type individually: machinery and equipment, real estate, inventory, accounts receivable, intellectual property and more. We can make a cash offer upon inspection of your assets.

We can also provide guarantees from the proceeds of a sale of your assets over a designated period of time. Or we can run an auction on your behalf, utilizing the best technology and marketing in the industry. We can also purchase your machinery and equipment and lease it back to you, enabling you to continue operations with a new influx of cash.

Wolf Industrial Advisors’ team members have worked with businesses in distress for more than 30 years. We can help you realize solutions outside liquidation. We show up with a checkbook and a plan.

Wolf Industrial Advisors can unlock the total of your business. Complete our quick questionnaire or contact us at info@wolfindustrialadv.com or 616-737-0007 to get started.