Wolf Industrial Advisors provides opportunities for manufacturers looking to streamline or exit operations. We partner with company management and with financial institutions to recover the most value from machinery, equipment, real estate, inventory, accounts receivable, intellectual property and any other element of a company’s portfolio. 

Wolf Industrial Advisors is the result of 30+ years of learning the value of machinery and equipment and how to optimize it under any circumstances. WIA’s experience spans multiple industries: metalworking, plastics, chemical, transportation, food & beverage, aerospace and many more. 

We provide more than exit strategies, but also creative financing options that may not be available through a traditional bank loan. The earlier we are involved, the greater variety of potential solutions we can provide. We can assist with many phases of business.

Facility Closure

Company Cessation

Asset Monetization

Business Recovery & Development

Contact WIA today for a customized plan to  maximize the value of your company’s assets.

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Wolf Industrial Advisors

Guiding industrial manufacturers in all phases of business, from asset monetization to facility closures.

Wolf Industrial Advisors

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